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Official Thurs. 8/5/04 State Fair Thread

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Ok, who wants to meet up and go to the fair tonight, check it out and then ride some more? If this sounds like a fetching idear to you, meet at the Brookfield Square Park and Ride sometime between 7:30 pm and 8 pm. If you have special circumstances that will make you a little late let us know and we will wait because deep down we are really nice chaps and birds. PM me for my Celly if you need it.

P.S. CJ wanted me to tell you that if more than ten people show up she will take off her shirt...
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how many people have to show up for her to "service" all of us? i mean damn, i can see boobies on the computer.


edit: UH OH

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davisa*, sexNstillettos
davisa said:
how many people have to show up for her to "service" all of us?
Prob just two or three...
me and lisa are in. uhhh i do believe thats 3. ill bring some chap stick.
davisa said:
me and lisa are in.
Its cool if you come but don't be doing any of that crazy shit like last night.
davisa said:
All your crazy riding, duh :twofinger
um... ok... ? im lost and my head hurts.

show me some respect or ill ultra super-platinum SBN modify your ass.
Arg, only Lisa shall be serviced....and joker, now no ones gonna come cuz you said I was taking my shirt off....good job....seriously, no one wants to see that shit...

#4 here. c ya'll at BFS
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