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All heed, I have decided that before I am 30 (6 years) I need the following bikes (or equivalents at the time):

1) Busa - because it's paid off and I love the power
2) ST1300 - Touring duties
3) BMW R1200GS - This is my next bike. I LOVE their dual sports
4) GSXR-750 - Track duties
5) Some type of twin just to say I have one

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For me it needs to be:

1) SV650S (The greatest bike of all time)
2) Busa (I just wanna know what they're like)
3) TL1000 (R or S, doesn't matter.. Twins rock)
4) ZX10R (Just seems like an insane type of fun)
5) 500cc two stroke dirtbike of any kind (See #3)
6) Aprilia RS250 (Track queen)

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There are only three bikes I MUST have, but I know I won't have, when 30...

1) Yamaha R1
2) BMW R 1150R but I would be happy with a R 850R
3) Yamaha XJR 1300
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