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I've decided (rather than dumping $500-$1000 into a new paint job for a bike I'll probably sell in a year) to touch up the rashed fairings on my 1995 ZX6R. She's the original Pearl White and Kawi Green (we've removed all of the purple/pinkish decals). A while back, I tried to get some touch up paint from my local Kawi dealer, only to find they don't stock it. They said find the paint code and gave me some web address (which now I can't find).....

I asked them if they could look up the paint code for me on the fiche, but they said they didn't have that info. (?????)

Can anyone tell me either what the paint codes are for that model, or how I can find them? And can anyone tell me where I could locate the paint itself (I need a good bit of the Green, as I'm going to paint the entire solo tail that color, and then a small can of the Pearl white).


thanks! :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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