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Hello my fellow 2 wheeled road going freaks and nuts alike. Joining here to hopefully gain knowledge and information regarding purchasing my first sportbike and caring for such a creature.

Currently, my inventory spans 5, 3 wheelers (yes, that's right, 3 wheeled nonsense!), a 2004 KLR650 (which is my current method of rapid movement around town), and I have owned numerous bikes and trikes previously (no kwads yet, unfortunately(?)). I am an absolutely massive Jeep freak, currently own 2 (which shall be combined to make one), and actively engage in anything and everything offroad.

Have been riding for a time period spanning longer than 10 years (my recollection cannot comprehend precisely how many years), have only had my M1 for about 6 months now and have completed the mandatory MSF course for a young cocky troublemaker such as myself.

And now that you are likely thoroughly annoyed with my exquisite and extensive vocabulary, I can finally stop blabbing about and say I normally don't talk like that, only for introductions :wise:lol3

Hoping to find something soon, in the meantime I will be leeching information from you nice folks trying to make a wise investment.
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