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Now with 100% more license!

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I finally finished my MSF (called MSP in PA) yesterday, I'm very pleased. I was hoping to get no 'points' on my test, but alas I choked and put my foot down on the figure eight (makes me mad, I did it 5 times before that fine, but this time I pulled in the clutch and it screwed me all up). Other than that I didn't get any points :)

I feel sort of bad for the one guy, he's been riding for years and years and he failed the test. I guess it's just easier to develop bad habbits? I think what really screwed him was not going fast enough through the simulated corners (since it's timed) and probably stopped too long on the quick stop.

My roomate who took the course with me also passed, so we're both fully licensed now :)

It was a great course and a lot of fun, I think that when I have a few seasons under my belt I'd like to try to become a ridercoach.
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Congrats!!!... i just got done my first day of riding yesterday... it was soo much fun, the coaches were funny too, which makes it better... im looking forward to being license come next sunday
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