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now what??

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Well, I know I did things a little out of order, but I just bought my first bike. I have not taken the msf course, but I plan on doing it the first chance I can. I will get the bike in a week from now. I need along with the licence, insurance, tags, inspection (last owner let them expire). So, what can I get done before I take the msf course? I want to get as many of my ducks in a row as I can so that I can ride as soon after taking the msf. What can I get done w/o insureance? Can't wait to get on the road!!
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Get some gear if you havent already. Jacket,boots,gloves,helmet,Jeans at min.
No offense to you or anyone, but just cause you finish the MSF course doesn't mean you are ready for the street. MSF will teach you the basics and it'll be up to you to hone those skills. Whether you do this on the street or in a parking lot may make a big difference on survival. To answer your question: Bike, Gear, Ins., MSF, Practice, Practice, Practice, then Street IMO.
well, I was not really considering gear, that is nothing that a trip to the dealer can't fix, I plan on doing that wednesday. My question is can I get insureance, tags and inspection without having my motorcycle license? Oh, and I plan on doing a lot of parking lot exercises, been scoping out close parking lots to see which ones would be good for that type of work.
You should be able to get insurance, and once you get insurance you will be able to get your tags and inspection.
how'd you leave the dealership w/o insurance?
Dealership!!! Ha ha that is funny. I don't think I could ever afford (not while in college at least) to get a bike from a dealership, looked at a few used ones around here at the dealers, and they all seemed to be priced at least $1000 too high. Guess I get to deal with insurance companies this week also, that should be loads of fun!!!
Motorcycle...check, gear....check, sign up for msf course...check, insurance...check, credit card the wall! Going tomarrow to renew the tags. Just wondering if anyone knows about how much this will cost in Texas?
prolly less then $40, inspections on bikes are like $13

make sure to take your ins. paperwork
You probably should have priced insurance before you bought the bike. You may be in for a nasty surprise depending on the type of bike you got.
Well, I got insurance from, cost me $306 a year, hell my focus cost me more per month than that!!!! going to switch the focus to progressive just as soon as my policy with state farm runs out.
RACER X said:
how'd you leave the dealership w/o insurance?
I left without insurance and a permit. Told them i left it at home and they were like "okay cool"

sad huh??
Rascus said:
I left without insurance and a permit. Told them i left it at home and they were like "okay cool"

sad huh??
Only kinda're in Hawaii..not like you can go FAR!:lol

Still waiting on an answer: "WHAT bike is it?"
It is a 1994 kawasaki vulvan 500
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