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* Now for Something Completely Differnt... *

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A first ever video made by a couple of kids, very well made especially considering all they used was a cheapo Logitech web cam! All the sounds were handmade by the kids too...
Dam crazy ass doods drive like madmen running people over n shit.... LOL actually called The Letter. A man needs to mail a letter and some of the problems he faces... I won't say more since it would ruin the video. 20mb right click save as.

Most definatly worth a look. It had me laffin my ass off...
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Haha, they were pissin that cat off
Ya that was pretty funny in itself, I liked the sounds the cars n shit were making. Sounded like F-1 cars roaring by... then that huge truck goes into the building haha prettty cool for a group of kids usin a web cam...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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