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I noticed this section seems pretty slow so I'm going to post up some links to really good mountain rides in north GA. I've personally down several of these routes and they are amazing. Also I live on the north side of Atlanta so if anyone on here ever wants to meet up for a ride just contact me and we can go tear it up!

Here are the links:

Ride Routes:

These are arranged from shortest (37 miles) to longest (360 miles). Ride leaders may follow some of these routes, or they may put together new combinations. All routes start and end at Suches (this is a link to the "Info-Map" - which a couple of the ride descriptions refer to).

The Cooler Run (37 miles)
Booger Hollow (91 miles)
Skylake Grocery/Lake Burton Loop (less than 100 miles)
Dial Road/Dawsonville/Dahlonega Loop (approx. 100 miles)
Skylake / RRSH (approx. 100 miles)
Skylake Country Store / Lake Burton
Cherohala Skyway Loop (250 miles)
The Grand Tour: Nantahala Gorge and Back (275 miles)
The Grand Tour/Mt. Pisgah and Back (360 miles)

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Most folks that ride the mountains go to Georgia Sportbike Forums to meet and set up rides. That is how I learned about the nice roads up there. If anyone goes make sure you stop off at Turners Corner for some food, they have great desserts there.
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