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No power, bike has no juice sometimes

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I have a 2002 Suzuki GSXR 6000. The bike has been running fine all summer except the other day. I got on the bike, turned the key and pressed the start button. I heard a pop sound from under the seat. Everything on the bike turned off and I had no power. The starter didn't even turn over. So whenever I turn the key on, the bike is dead. I took the seat off, start looking for the problem, all the fuses are fine. I was pushing on the wiring harnesses under the seat and checked all connections which were fine. After moving things, I turn the key on and there was power again. I still had the seat off so I pressed the start button and again I heard the pop coming from around the battery. After it poped, there wass no power again. Any suggestions?
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Any chance the pop noise is a short? Look over the wiring around the area you heard the noise.
no wires are exposed, and no fuses are blown. The battery is fine. The black box, I think it's the main computer? Could that be the problem or the starter solonoid?
A clicking noise is what a relay makes. There is a relay for the fuel injection as well. See if you can get it going by bump starting. I am assuming your starter will not engage?
Before you do anything Clean and tighten the battery
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