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I'll Make a long story short.

6'6 and 360 pounds
Own exotic cars and I am no a stranger to speed.
Don't want to have to upgrade shortly after.
I understand it takes years to build your skills before you "just floor a Ferrari" and fully minimize risk.
Have purchased the best gear already. alpinestars, shoei helmet, etc and signed up for MSF class.
Never have driven a bike.
I can ride a bicycle and drive a manual car.
Cost is irrelevant.
Both bikes are comfortable to me and I love the way they look. If I want to go "speed crazy" I will stick to the cars in which I have some protection from oil on the road, objects being dropped off a truck, etc.
Don't want a superbike as I have a lot of weight and it hurts going into the handles. Upright is much better!

I don't know given my weight if the 650 will be "ok". Also If I could really trust someone not to floor something with 700HP+ and RWD It would be no more dangerous then a civic. If its about self control, I have it, but maybe I am missing something.

Which bike for me? Thanks so much for any input!

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You qualify as being able to accelerate, brake front and rear simultaneously and comprehend countersteering, performing all smoothly versus wracking the throttle open, stabbing the brakes and jumping off at the first curve. I suggest a CB1000RR. It will take a year to get familiar with whatever you ride. Enjoy!
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