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rfkicker2000 said:
Actually guys, it was $4399 but with freight/prep it came out to $4615. He didn't have it in stock, so I went with the blue 05 ninja for $4883 out the door from a diff. dealer in my town (with everything it'll be $5100 to get it on the road) so you guys didn't get ripped off! :)
Beginning with the 2004 model year Kawaski dropped the MSRP... I think it was $4999 and now it's $4599, or something like that. Don't remember the exact numbers offhand. With a little work, you can find a dealer that will go even lower... that's probably the case with the first dealer. The OTD price from the second dealer is probably based on the $4599 MSRP.

Edit: Nope, I fugged up again. Kwakker's site sez 2004 MSRP is $4899, but I do believe that's slightly less that previous years. Either way, you got a pretty good deal.
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