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Hey All, It's good to be amongst fellow riders & enthusiasts! As you might guess from my screen name, I ride an '02 Yamaha FZ1 (Basically a neutered R1, for those unfamiliar with the FZ's), it's an R1 with a milder cam, de-tuned, naked, and has a standard sitting position. These things are true of the Gen 1 bike, 2001-2005. I'm not familiar with everything Yamaha did with the Gen 2's. If they come out with a Gen 3, I'd love to see it have the new R1 motor with no changes.
My favorite aspect of the FZ's, is the fact that they look kinda like a wasp with the protruding mirrors.
Anyhoo, anybody, feel free to contact me for any reason.
See Ya'll in the forums!

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:welcome David!

Those FZs are awesome bikes! Had the FZ1's smaller sister and really enjoyed her before an SUV put an end to our relationship :)

Have fun and ride safe!
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