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Newb With Questions

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hey all, ive been looking around here for a few days and got alot of good info so thanks for that. common sense tells me to start small, so i guess im looking at the 250s/500s. being about 6'200lbs i dont really know which would be better.
im also wondering for a beginner bike, what about the older susukis or yamaha cruiser or standard types(whatever to label them)? i guess an
ex. 1973 yamaha xs650 or 1980 susuki gs550e
any input would be great

as far as MSF courses go. state sponsored courses are all pretty much filled till aug/sept for $25.
or training classes at the local harley dealer for $325 next month.
harley course sounds intresting b/c its longer, more of a personal training course, and you get to practice on buell blasts. also a $50 gift certificate for passing.
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The 250's and 500's will carry you around just fine.
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