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Heard of FML? One of my roomates and I created a drunken stories version, and we called it Not trying to "take over" FML or anything, it's just for fun, but its going over pretty well amoungst the local college students.

Check it out!
Drunken Stories | Wasted Stories - Im Fn Wasted


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what the fuck is this infatuation with people having to tell every min of their life to someone else...???


I guess however I type out my heart to SBN from time to time...and it's forever ingrained into the world's public domain....shit I wonder how much of what I say online can be used against me if I were to run for president or some other public office????? I mean I don't remember half the stuff I typed on here from years ago.

but I guess IF I decided to become some Honerable Judge, I could really pay the owner to wipe my account and posts clean...

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I feel like over half the things on,, etc are fake...but none the less entertaining to read.

I'll give this a look.
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