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japbike said:
ok, where can I get one? I'm installing one in my new bathroom. If I don't come back to the forums, you'll know where I'll be :2fingers

Just move the comp into the bathroom! Then it can be a one stop shop kinda thing... LOL

One of my old pool customers has comps and 2 monitors (1 pc and 1 TV) in every bathroom.... must like watchin himself or some weird crap... I saw that when we were building the spa in his room, eek round rotating bed? LOL I kept thinkin wtf=tv and a comp in bathroom?
Christan Reese Lassen... really flakey artist/surfer dood, bizzare to see 2 monitors in the bathroom... He also had a theater screen that comes down from the cieling nearly as big as most movie theaters.. I hate goin to his place, once I looked in and saw the screen down and went for a better view and Gaaaaa! there was some gay porn shit on!!! My Eyes!! Geeeze that grossed me out.. :gheyfight :dunno :gheyfight
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