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I'm new to this site. Used to be on another GA site as FZRex. Back on the street after about a 12-14 year hiatus. Turning 64 on Wed.
Street bike history is a VStar 1100 and an FZ1. My two wheeled steed is now an FJR1300, my dream bike. It's an '05 that had less than 30,000 miles on it when I got it 3-4 weeks ago. That's an average of approximately 1750 miles a year and approx 147 miles per month! Shameful!
I'm on the south side in Peachtree City and I don't plan to venture through ATL and to north GA anytime soon. I need to brush up on my riding skills and prepare mentally for riding through ATL crap to get to north GA. I'll stick to the Pine Mtn area where I grew up and where I know plenty of good roads. Glad to be here!
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