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Well I am back in the R6 forum again. I really regretted selling my last R6, and am very happy to have another on back in the stable. We got back from Romania on Wednesday night, got up bright and early Thursday morning to start the bikes up and ride (even though it was cloudy, cold and just plain miserable). Hubby's bike cranked right up, the Black Widow said "hell no, I won't go!" and would just not start. I brought the battery in side, put it on a trickle charger while we were gone and all.

So we went and bought me a new (to me) bike, something that actually starts lol. I was going to get a ZX14 off of Ebay there are plenty out there for great prices, but getting it over here is a pain in the a** for me and the seller and very expensive to ship over here so I will wait until we get back to buy one.

Any how, here she is, I bought her off an Airman in Ramstein for 5200.00.

She is an 2007 R6s, 4200 miles, Slip on Yosh, PC, KN, frame and swing arm sliders, two Icon Jackets, one Icon helmet, leather Icon gloves, GPR steering damper. And the bike is super clean. I spend the day rubbing and touching her you know that "getting to know you" inspection, she is in pristine :cheerscondition, the fellow really did not ride her that much.


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