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STM Ducati EVOLUZIONE EVO-GP Slipper Clutch Complete with 48T Plates and Basket

Pricing: $1895.95 Free Shipping

You have seen pictures of it since 2010, and now they are available!

It comes complete with a 40 tooth basket & plate set. Its unique “spoon shaped” Fin basket causes a progressive internal heat extraction from the clutch center. In addition to the clutch being a very small size making it much lighter. The most important feature of this clutch is the raw materials: alloy steel, whose hardness removes the wearing effect among its parts which results in an incredible life time and increased value.

The new “Evo GP” slipper clutch has been designed using the “ramps and spheres” patent, as well as the superior technical ability that STM is world famous for.

Equipped with a 105 mm diaphragm primary spring, the new "Evo GP”slipper-clutch applies STM “Evoluzione” technology: diaphragm primary springs,available in different weights.

* FREE continental USA shipping on orders over $100.

* Outside continental USA, use shipping codes:
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