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New R6 for my birthday!

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Just put a deposit on a new 2006 R6 Raven!! It should be in within the month, most likely the next shipment next week.

I’m moving on up from a Ninja 250 which I bought last year and put over 2000 miles on. I know it’s still kinda early for a 600cc but I couldn’t wait any longer and now that I have an income it became within reach and I just jumped on the opportunity.

Anyways, the dealer kinda bent me over the table with a 10,500 otd price, he didn’t budge a bit. I don’t blame the guy though because I know if I didn’t buy it, the 3 other guys asking about the same bike while I was there would have, heh.

Yep, just posting because I’m super excited and cant wait and its my birthday and im getting sex tonight

PS – Anyone want to buy a 2005 Ninja 250 in Orlando??
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tronix304 said:
he might be talkin bout the S...its 8500 msrp
Oh yeah sorry. Sometimes when ppl say R6 they mean the R6S. Not enough new r6 bikes around for anyone to care.
rush989 said:
Hows that? MSRP is 9299. heh if thats true i shoulda drove up there.
msrp is 9299, and you paid 10500 OTD ? ... how many % is tax ?

i don't think i would ever pay msrp for any type of vehicle
Well congrats on the new R6! I can understand the excitedment, I just bought a blue that will be in 2 weeks, but I am sorry to tell you tis but I only paid $9100 for mine and it doesn't have to be my b-day to get sex :)
At least you got the sex. Only one year until your next birthday.

'06 Raven R6 $8,998.00

'06 Raven R1 $10,499.00 -$100 for Blue
Congrats, bro! You will NOT be disappointed! :dblthumb
you should keep the 250. with the way gas prices are going, that little bike will help save you a bit of cash.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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