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New R6 for my birthday!

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Just put a deposit on a new 2006 R6 Raven!! It should be in within the month, most likely the next shipment next week.

I’m moving on up from a Ninja 250 which I bought last year and put over 2000 miles on. I know it’s still kinda early for a 600cc but I couldn’t wait any longer and now that I have an income it became within reach and I just jumped on the opportunity.

Anyways, the dealer kinda bent me over the table with a 10,500 otd price, he didn’t budge a bit. I don’t blame the guy though because I know if I didn’t buy it, the 3 other guys asking about the same bike while I was there would have, heh.

Yep, just posting because I’m super excited and cant wait and its my birthday and im getting sex tonight

PS – Anyone want to buy a 2005 Ninja 250 in Orlando??
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rush989 said:
its my birthday and im getting sex tonight
Thanks for letting us know that.
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