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New R6 for my birthday!

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Just put a deposit on a new 2006 R6 Raven!! It should be in within the month, most likely the next shipment next week.

I’m moving on up from a Ninja 250 which I bought last year and put over 2000 miles on. I know it’s still kinda early for a 600cc but I couldn’t wait any longer and now that I have an income it became within reach and I just jumped on the opportunity.

Anyways, the dealer kinda bent me over the table with a 10,500 otd price, he didn’t budge a bit. I don’t blame the guy though because I know if I didn’t buy it, the 3 other guys asking about the same bike while I was there would have, heh.

Yep, just posting because I’m super excited and cant wait and its my birthday and im getting sex tonight

PS – Anyone want to buy a 2005 Ninja 250 in Orlando??
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trashcan said:
10,500 OTD is not really lucky! But if you enjoy it and don't mind paying, that's all that matters. Congrats!

That's what he meant about having sex tonight. The dealer is heading over to screw him again. He's gonna use Yamalube though.
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