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After wiping out my old 302, I let the car sit in the garage torn down for several months. Well, I finally snapped....I can't take it anymore. I miss the thing too much. So I went to a junkyard and snapped up a COMPLETE 302 roller motor for $'s got injectors, sensors, full intake, a/c compressor, p/s pump...I mean everything. I didnt need all that shit but I can sell it off, I figure I got a good deal.

So onto the new motor. I tore it down and it's remarkably clean....all it needs, so far as I can see, is cam bearings. Only one, really...I damaged it removing the camshaft. :bitchslap Newbie mistake....this is my first engine. But I cleaned the whole thing up, got the carbon off the pistons, cleaned the's looking fantastic.

Now for the new combination:

Pro-M 80mm MAF and conical assembly
BBK 70mm throttlebody
Trick Flow Track Heat (75mm) upper and lower intake
Edelbrock Performer RPM heads
Equal-length shorty headers
2.5" Off-road X Pipe
Dumped Spintech Pro Streets
24 lb injectors
155 lph fuel pump
Melling high volume oil pump
1.6 full roller rockers
Lunati cam. (218/228 at .050, .535/.535 lift, 112 LSA)
Dyno-tune from Trick Pro Performance

I'm hoping to go low 13's on some decent tires.... I've got a new trans, and gears and drag springs also... So, why the low ET you might be thinking? I've broken my budget and can't afford to get a new stall it's gonna be running behind a measly 1800 rpm converter. :urowned

I've got about a month worth of waiting for parts and bolting things together, and the beast will be back and whopping some ricer ass again!
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