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Im currently a senior engineering major and as my final engineering project my groups decided to design a new safety system for motorcycles. It is still in the preliminary stages right now but as the project progresses I will keep you updated.

As for right now I need your help by completing a short survey to gauge some questions regarding motorcycle safety. Take 5 minutes and please complete the survey below
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Can't you design a proper web form? Click "Vote" for every single item? Don't expect a lot of responses.
kinna a goofy voting form, but it works. Hope my votes helped...
linuxbikr said:
Can't you design a proper web form? Click "Vote" for every single item? Don't expect a lot of responses.
This wasnt meant to be an excercise in web developement this was supposed to be a tool used to gather information on the desire and usage of a motorcycle safety system. I chose to use the web form because it was the quickest way to gather information rather than designing my own web form.

If it bothers you and you would like to donate your time to make a correct web form then so be it.... it would be appreciated but as for my purposes the page I have now works fine.

And to those people reading this please take the small amount of time and help me out with this project. If all goes well who knows maybe this may make an appearance on the scene in a few years. The winning team of the design contest gets a grant for further developement of their product so take the time and vote please
linuxbikr said:
Can't you design a proper web form? Click "Vote" for every single item? Don't expect a lot of responses.
What can possibly be said to justify this laziness. You disgrace the DNA strands of your own family.
Damn if clicking a button is too much work I wonder how your still breathing, Im surprised your not too lazy to inhale and exhale
Ok, I have a few comments. Your survey is good, but it seems elementary. Some of the questions are very loaded and dont provide a place for a response or explanation.

these are all personal opinion, agree or disagree at your own risk, i make no warranties implied or written about what i write.

I am going to answer here, take it or leave it.

How often do you wear a hemlet

How often do you wear eye protection
100% eye protection is integrated into my helmet inthe form of a face shield. I often wear sunglasses under my lid to cut down on glare though.

How often do you wear a riding jacket
100% full leather

How often do you wear riding pants
Less than 25% I always conciously wear durable jeans when i ride, realizing that they provide practically no protection compared to leather, but they do provide more than shorts.

How often do you wear riding boots
less than 25% I always wear durable work boots.

How often do you wear riding gloves

As a rider, an acceptable weight gain to your bike for a safety system is?
Less than 5 lbs 5 to 9 lbs 10 to 14 lbs 15 to 19 lbs 20 lbs +
depends, any of those weights are acceptable, it really depends on what the system is designed to do. If the system just waves a flag that says "rider down" i think a proper weight would be >5lbs, but if it is some sort of bubble that inflates around you and your bike, then i can see upwards of 25-30lbs. Weight isnt the biggest issue though, i think size is. If your system weighs 5lbs but is in a 24"x24" square, there is nobody who would be willing to affix it to their bike. People like stock looks, when it comes to stuff like this. discreet is good.

In your opinion, as a rider, what is the cause of most motorcycle accidents?
Operator Error
always always always rider error. not saying people that have crashed have poor judgement, there are two types of riders, those that have been down and those that are going down. If you use your head, and always keep a way out, you wont go down. dont override your skill or your bike. know the roads you drive, dont drive faster than your brakes can stop you. When coming over a hill, if you cant see 50 feet ahead, be prepared to break 50ft ahead, there could be something waiting for you in the road. etc.

As a rider, what is an acceptable maximum price range for a safety system?
Less than $100 $100 to $299 $300 to $499 Greater than $500
refer to question about allowable weight, same principle. depends on what it does.

As a rider, if you’re involved in an accident what are you more concerned about?
first and foremost is the rider safety, or we would be equipping our bikes with helmets over shift pedals and not on our heads. but i can tell you that most people that go down in a minor/medium accident, the first thing they say to themselves is "oh, bike!!"

As a rider, would you rather have a safety system attached to?
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No one else has had a problem with the questions in your poll??? what is this world coming to, can no one think for themselves? the answers placed in front of you arent the only choices, ever.
There has been a lot of people on this board and others who have had some diagreement with my polls. As far as it being elementary and not allowing feedback... I guess thats what I get for using a premade voting system. You did give me alot of good feedback and I am not taking these results as the Gods truth but as peoples opinions, I have tried to take a good look at many different bike boards not just sport bikes and will continue the online poll as well as handing out paper surveys at bike stores etc. As we go on I will be probably be posting more polls and some drawings of what the system will be.

Thanks and keep voting
linuxbikr said:
Can't you design a proper web form? Click "Vote" for every single item? Don't expect a lot of responses.
Here is a guy that is working on a project to make our motorcycles safer and yet you insult him about how he is gathering is information?

Thats just stupid..

He didnt do it for web design.. he did it for information.. so if your not going to help answering his survey.. go waste your post somewhere else :spank
I voted, but I think more information on the 'system' is required to answer some of the questions effectively. A lot of people would pay $1000 for a top notch leather suit, and then on the other hand, I wouldn't pay $20 for an add on module that allowed for ABS braking...
Even though you have to hit "vote" after each answer, the survey takes very little time.
He stated more information would be available in the future as they progress more with the project.

I take it that they are getting some feedback now, then they work with it and get ideas from that. Then, consult people again about what it is they have and then continue working on it after that also and so on.
For those lazy bastards who say it takes to long...
Just fill out ALL of your answers at once from top to bottom. Once all of your answers are in, then you click vote for the first one, then click back in your browser, not on the page. All of your other answers will be there still. Then click vote for the next one, and then back. It cuts the time down by about 25%. Ahh...the laziness.
A sense of what is trying to be developed would be helpful. Answering questions about what I wear might be helpful and what causes wrecks might be good survey material but don't really help highlight a problem to be solved.

In engineering, you usually have a problem that needs a solution (whether the problem is real or imagined is beside the point). From there, you then proceed to design and build a solution based on whatever constraints are in place (cost, time, manpower, materials, etc).

Is the goal a rider safety system, a bike safety system, a mix of both? A hint towards an intended direction might be more useful with pointed questions towards arriving a possible set of ideas for a solution.

Since it sounds like a student project, there are definitely going to be constraints unless it is a theoretical exercise with nothing being built. At that point, just work on the theory and forget the survey. Engineers looking for problems to solve scare me. Because often the problems thay are looking to solve aren't problems at all. I see way too much of that already. And if one of those engineers isn't a rider themselves, I'm running away from such a project because someone trying to solve a problem without knowledge of the subject area in question in more dangerous than someone who does.
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