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Hey everyone,

My name's Alex and I'm in Bakersfield CA. I've been a member here for several years but spent 99% of that time on the Ducati forums so I thought I would branch out a bit and become more active here.

I've been riding since 13/14 yrs old. Started on Yamaha Jog scooters in the Dominican Republic. Then had a Suzuki Katana and a Honda CBR before moving back to the states at 17yrs old (I'm British by birth).

My last couple bikes were a 2009 Ducati 848 I bought new in Fresno CA and now I have a 2014 Ducati 899 I bought new in Santa Barbara CA. I have about 1,300 miles on the 899 now since buying it Jan 18th. Weather hasn't been perfect and I partially tore a rotator cuff tendon so I had to take a couple weeks off from riding.

Anyway, I look forward to reading and contributing!



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