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Hi guys,

A little self but detailed introduction about myself...

I've been riding on and off for about 9-10 years. The very first bike that i ever rode and ended up riding for about 2 years was a new 2004 Ducati 900ss. It was my friend's older cousin who bought the bike for $17k cash at the time from Del Amo Motorsports in Redondo Beach, CA. He racked up just 24 miles on the bike around the neighborhood. Yup...the neighborhood, as in... strictly residential. Not once has he ever rolled those wheels into the city streets. Then... he gave up riding. He said that it just "wasn't his thing". He ended up giving the bike to me since he knew i wanted to ride. so i rode the bike for 2 years till he decided to sell it.

After that i ended up buying a new older model bike, a '05 GsxR 600. I rode that for a couple months till i got laid off while i was in college. Since i couldn't pay for the bike, i sold it.

I stopped riding for about a year or two.

After that, my friend back from high school bought a bike, he ended up letting me use his '06 Ninja 636 whenever i wanted to until he moved to Santa Barbara for his doctrines.

Then my buddy (the same guy who's cousin had the Ducati) gave me his '04 Yamaha R6 for a few years while he enlisted himself in the army. When he came back a couple years ago, i gave it back to him and was bikeless.

I've been in the Euro car scene for a while, so a bike wasn't really a priority to me.

So just a few months ago, I was bored. I ended up checking out a bike dealer for kicks. Then i was so close to buying the bike i've always always wanted... a brand new 2013 GsxR 1000. The thing that really reeled me in was the Suzuki promotional financing. I was so close to signing for the GsxR 1000. But I stopped and thought for a minute...
- If I get a GsxR 1000, I personally will probably never use the entire powerband on any gear.
- I never tracked before, so i doubt i'll be doing that multiple times a year
- The bike is a tad bit heavier than the GsxR 750, and will probably be very noticeable around the canyons.
- The more power i have, the more likely i am to speed and ride dangerously on the freeways.

So that was that... i ended up happily settling for a 2013 GsxR 750. It's nearly as light as a GsxR 600 but has the extra power needed to get up and go.

A lot of my buddies who i used to ride with either stopped riding, moved away, or no longer have their bikes. Every weekend, i'm pretty bummed that i don't have friends / acquaintances to roll with.

I'm out here in the LBC. So if you see someone cruising on his own with the body language that shows that he doesn't know where he's going... that just may be me. LoL. Jk.

Alright guys, ride safe.


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