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Canadiankwak1 said:
I understand you were doing a survey...I am not calling your question redicolous...I'm just fed up with the debate in general.

Its common sense I think...taking it easy on a new engine (or any new mechanical device) makes sense. You can't beat the sh*T off of it right from the get go and expect longevity. That, to me, is just good ol' fashion common sense.

Engine break-in concerns physics, and mechanical engineering. Not common sense. You dont learn common sense in a tech school, and it doesent dictate the design of the engine or how it works.

Of course you can ride it hard if that is what the machine was meant to do in the first place. (well.... maybe, maybe not- but your reasoning either way is flawed) What you cant do is make an assumption that a sportbike engine is going to behave according to your self-proclaimed "common-sense".

I would believe real-world evidence of engine tear-downs and first hand experiece that says a hard-break in is superior, more so than i would people just saying that you should do what the manual says, or what you think appeals to your common sense.
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