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New Ducati goodies

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As I was returning home from my internships, I decided to stop by some store just to look around...then I found these babies 50% off and I just knew I HAD to buy them.

Puma Panigalle Ducati II DE

Cool Desmoshit drawings

Not for Squid use :)

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cool! I love pumas, to bad there are very few large enough for my foot
LOL man which size do you wear? The problem with my size is that it's pretty common (10-11 depending on brand or model), so on closeouts, it's though to find one in my size...this one was the last of that particular model in my size. I was lucky to snatch it.

That 4th picture just headed off most of the flaming . Are they comfortable? not much of a Puma fan myself, I went into the Puma store here in Austin and they had lots of Ducati & Puma merchandise for about 3x what I would be willing to pay. $80 for a sweatshirt 0_o
LOL yeah, just my previous Speedcats I've had, they also have a "Non fire proof" sticker inside, just in case someone tries to use them karting/racing :)

I just love Pumas, 90% of my shoes are Pumas, I find them pretty comfortable and love to wear them all the time. The only time I will not wear them is when I do need to wear something more classy, either for the office, going out to a fancy place or special ocassions (Weddings, funerals, etc).

Price is not too bad considering other options we have here.
Usually I don't like flashy or "blingy" stuff to wear...but I don't know, I just liked these shoes when I saw them. The other Pumas they had, I didn't liked them too much...I guess they dropped the Speed Cat series for 09 :(

What sucks about them, is I bet they will be a bitch to keep clean and avoid losing the "blingness" too fast...
which one's are the Speed Cats? i have a pair i bought a few years ago that look like driving/ kart shoes with a really soft flexible sole and they are sooo comfy. i wanted to get another pair and haven't been able to find 'em
This is the classic Speed Cat, I had the same one in black. Loved them for driving the cage and even leisure karting.

I also have some beaten to hell Future Cats (mine are black/grey):

I also love the Puma Mostro, specially the Mesh ones. Pretty comfy for anything, and a great beach shoe!

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1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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