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DAINESE Hybrid Impact Guard


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Innovative Stone shield chest protector designed for Motocross and off-road use that integrates the Neck Brace. The front of the stone shield is Certified according to the standard EN14021 and designed to provide maximum ergonomics and lightness. The back protector is also certified according to the standard EN 1621.2 lev. 1, sized specifically for motocross use, and has an inner core with aluminum honeycomb structure, and articulated outer plates with a corrugated structure to increase their rigidity. Product configuration is completed by the Neck Brace. Side fastening systems keep the product in position during sporting activities.

Stone shield protector in accordance with the standard EN14021
Back protector certified in accordance with the standard EN 1621.2/03 (Lev. 1)
Hybrid Neck Brace
Front plates in polypropylene
Outer back protector plates in polypropylene with corrugated perforated structure
Back protector core in aluminum honeycomb structure
Front plate in ergonomic shape
Back protector with articulated plates
Openable side fastening systems
Breathable mesh internal fabric

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