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CORSE DYNAMICS Frame Slider: 749 / 998 / 999 / 848 / 1098 / 1198 / SF / MTS1200 / Hyper 796 / Hyper 1100 EVO
FREE Shipping

CORSE DYNAMICS Frame Slider: Monster / Hyper 1100 / Multi / SS / SC / 748 / 996 / 749
FREE Shipping

The Corse Dynamics frame slider is in a class of its own by utilizing materials and techniques typically only seen in the aerospace industry:

-Aerospace grade stainless steel engine stud that is precision ground, quenched, & tempered exceeding the strength of the OEM bolt while offering superior corrosion resistance to chromoly commonly used by other manufacturers.

-Dual tooling provision, unlike any other company on the market the engine nuts are hex on the outer for proper torque spec as well as a flat provision on the engine nut body for easy removal in the case of a impact causing abrasion. This also allows re-torquing of the engine mount without complete slider disassembly.

-Proprietary plastic slider material that is designed to withstand the hardest high side impact as well as an extremely low friction coefficient for low sides. Our plastic chemical makeup ensures the slider will not dig and cause a simple low side to turn into an expensive end over end crash.

-Torque specifications are machined into all parts requiring specific torque values.

Kit includes:

1 – stainless steel engine stud
2 – stainless steel engine stud nuts
2 – plastic sliders
2 – slider outer washers
2 – slider inner sleeves
2 – stainless steel slider bolts

Sliders are available in 3 different models:

*Short - designed specifically to sit firm under the OEM body work to support the fairings from being crushed in an accident causing extensive damage internally.
*Long - designed specifically for bikes without fairings
*Flush - designed specifically for bikes with holes drilled in the fairings with the slider protruding through. Our design covers the hole saw cut that often isn't the most visually pleasing by flaring out the end.

* FREE continental USA shipping on orders over $100.

* Outside continental USA, use shipping passwords:
GLOBAL250 gets 25% off shipping on orders over $250
GLOBAL500 gets 50% off shipping on orders over $500
GLOBAL750 gets 75% off shipping on orders over $750

* Register on the Motowheels website for Free forum passwords to access discounts on most non sale items. Look for memberships and choose the membership type that fits you the best
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