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New bike... Well new to me.

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Hey guys I have been looking for a bike for a while now and I finally found one. May need to be cleaned up and a thing here or there but all in all its a good bike and rides well.

Here it is: 2002 Honda CBR F4i

The license plate is temporarily mounted there. I bought it last night and I was maybe about a block maybe block and a half away and I got pulled over because it wasn't mounted so I ziptied it on the best I could and was on my way.

Well any comments are welcome good or bad. Just let me know what you guys think.
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Thanks. Still got little things to do to it here and there... Like mis-matched handle grips and little things but all in all I like it alot and am happy with it.
nice find...congrats on the bike..need to clean your rimz though ;) should be more careful painting though..looks like overspray on the bottom forks from spraying fender.. all in all you much snag it for, if you don't mind me asking.
That was the night I brought it home. Now it is all clean and the license plate has a mount under the tail :banana. I got it for $3400 and included was brand new OEM faring, 2 helmets, stock exhaust, and a wheel lock. All in all I think it was a pretty decent deal. He also just had changed the brakes front and rear.
So the previous owner included new OEM Honda fairings with the vinyl work and everything? Why havn't you put those babies on?!
The only thing is that I dont want to drill out a hole for the frame sliders and it is a gloss black and I really like the flat black. I might just keep the flat black and touch it up a bit and sell the OEM one. Still undecided though
Sweet! Nice bike and good price... one thing I just caught, it looks like the back tire is a little crooked... maybe just the picture... other than that, nice bike!
I didnt notice that I will look into it when I get a chance. And thank you
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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