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new baby in family

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'09 Boulevard C50 Special Edition
I looked at the Marauder back when they came out. Liked the Volusia better when it arrived. Mine has FI and i really like that. Always liked the touring model of the C50 except for the spoked wheels. Got this for $2500 off MSRP. I can add the bags, shield, sissy bar for less than that.

It is super comfy and a really relaxing ride. I love my FZ but sometimes I just want to slow down and look at the scenery. My right wrist just doesn't let me do that on the FZ.
Same with cars most of the time I prefer driving Honda/Acura. Other timers I prefer something the Caprice Classic I used to have.
with what? :)
with you on the subject of big ole' American cars. Guy I know had a '73 Olds 98 w/ a huge 4xx big block in it\. God it was so comfy.
On small step back for man. One giant leap back for mankind. That would be like riding a cushman scooter compared to the fz6.
and there are times I want to be on a bike and be more relaxed than when I'm on the FZ6, which is about as extreme a seating position as I will ever be in on a bike. I'd love to have a liter SS bike but this body just won't take it.

I know some think cruisers are an abomination or something but they have their function as well. Can't we all just get along?:lao
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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