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Nelson Ledges Race Course, nestled in Garrettsville OH is the place to stop making excuses, and sign up for a motorcycle track day with Evolve GT. Located close to Pittsburgh, Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland and Columbus makes this a convenient race track. Repaved a little over a year ago, this famous track from the sixties has been reborn! In 1968, the idea of the 24 Hours of Nelson Ledges became a reality for motorcycle teams to battle a 24-hour race alike the cars. The 24 Hours of Nelson Ledges was the only continuous 24-hour motorcycle race in the United States at its time. The race was famous for running the Le Mans style start.

The Advantages of a Motorcycle Track Day – Safety. Playing a risky game on the street is simply not worth the risk. Insurance premiums, tickets and obstacles are a few of the reasons to get the riding experience of a lifetime by going Nelson Ledges. Imagine a place where you can enjoy a good and fun-filled riding experience, where the pavement is smooth and well maintained, more fun, no careless drivers, no traffic worries, and no cops waiting to pull you over? Taking your bike to its limits is encouraged instead of frowned at or punished? Yes! There is such a place. A Motorcycle Track Day at Nelson Ledges with Evolve GT Track Days. With training offered for first time track riders to professional level racers, it can all be done here. Most new racetrack riders are usually nervous and afraid on their first day of participation, but once in the midst of a friendly group of riders with enthusiasm to learn, they are made to feel at home. Evolve GT has the leading instructors and coaches in the industry to help with your skill learning and to keep you having fun no matter what your goals are – yes, fun is a key element of learning.

The Speed – Nelson Ledges is most likely the fastest average speed track in the United States. Evolve GT Track Days head instructor and partner, Bill Sink, stated “this track is incredible, with unbelievable pace easily averaging over 100 mph” on the last visit there while looking to add to this track to the schedule.

What will you get? – Riders will learn how to apex a corner, braking skills, when to brake and when not to, appropriate shifting techniques, and the right body positioning. They will better understand the physics behind riding a motorcycle, and the consequences of improper moves when riding. This will help them become safer riders on the street because they learn control of their motorcycle better, and how to handle it. Participating in a motorcycle track day helps you become a faster, safer better rider, allowing you to mentally process and react better to unexpected occurrences while riding. Always remember to prepare you bike properly and have it in tip top shape.


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