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f2benny said:
Everyone is pissed at the cop. Let me tell you, if I was a homeowner on that street with kids trying to play outside, and guys were flying up and down the street with loud dirtbikes, the cops would seem like your fairy godmother.
We know lots of the nieghbors, there arent any kids around, and first gear wheelies dont go much faster than probably 5-7 mph anyway, not to mention they are 4 strokes and have mufflers and are quiet.

like i said, i wouldnt give a sh|t in the first place if he wasnt a bitch. Funny thing is, before i rode it, a guy rode down there and was talkin to a group of people. They were probably just drinkin and grillin out. Maybe thats why he was a dick, dunno, oh well, we'll just ride elsewhere
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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