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I think most states you have to atleast be off the road way by 10'. unless like stated by f2Benny which you can cross the road and such. the wrath is right about over looking the kids on scooters, but in my area the parents is now getting the tickets for the kids. yes, old laws say you dont need turn siginals in some states but newer ones says you do so you can argue if its still on the books. but you must use hand signals. but still no tags and your busted. yeah the guy was a dick but you guys was in the wrong.

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in my area to guys one 17 and one 20. was making a pop bottle bomb out of dry ice and bakeing soda. the 17 year old learned it from a experment in his senior chemistry class. they was doing these in a vacaint area near his house when a resdent down the street called the cops because conceren of the noise. the cop acted in the same way even after finding out what they was doing and useing. the 2 guys are been charged with unlawfully detnation of explosives and another law put in affect after 9/11. in the paper it said that the could get 5 to 20 years for it. it goes to court next month.
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