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Looking to buy something new....To use for general stuff like downloading music...Small business management and store my digital cam pics and mpegs. I'm a little behind the times so just curious what the techy's use. Please list the make and the specs and what you paid for it prefered..... Cheers :headbang

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Expires Tomorrow! DellSB - NEW Dimension 8400 Intel 925X Express Computer with 3.0Ghz P4 530 HT, 512MB DDR2, 80GB HD, 128MB Radeon X300 SE PCIe x16, 1000bt for $724 after Rebate with FREE Shipping! Cheap LCD Upgrades Too...
Dell just recently launched their brand new Dimension 8400 computer on Intel`s new 925X Express chipset! This is the one you`ve been waiting for, with PCIe graphics and DDR2 memory! You`re getting this Dimension 8400 with Intel`s brand new Pentium 4 Processor 530 with HT technology at 3.0Ghz, with 800Mhz FSB, and 1MB of L2 cache! It comes with a full 512MB of DDR2 memory. There`s ATI`s brand new PCI Express x16 based Radeon X300 SE with 128MB of memory, a free upgrade to an 80GB hard drive, integrated Dolby Digital capable 5.1 sound, 10/100/1000 networking, Windows XP Home, and a 1 year inhouse warranty. There`s some great LCD monitor upgrade discounts too. Shipping is free.

Start here through the following link to Dell Small Business Dimension Desktops.
Click on Featured Systems (NOT customize it) under Dimension 8400 From $724
Now click on Customize It under Dimension 8400 $724
All of the options for the lowest possible cost should already be selected but double check. Add the rebate, freebies and get rid of Norton:
$150 Mail In Rebate not combinable with memory promotion
McAfee Security Center w/VirusScan, Firewall and Privacy, 90-day trial
FREE UPGRADE! 80GB Ultra ATA/100 7200RPM Hard Drive
Upgrade whatever options you may want, though they may raise the cost. Here are a few that you may want to consider:
512MB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz (2x256M) [add $10]
SPECIAL! Dual Drives: 16x DVD-ROM Drive + FREE 48x CD-RW Drive [add $30 or $1/month]
FREE UPGRADE from CRT! 15 in (15.0 in viewable) E152FP Flat Panel Display [add $100 or $2/month] or SAVE $200! 17 in E172FP Flat Panel Display [add $200 or $5/month] or SAVE $200! 20.1 in 2001FP Dell Ultrasharp™ Digital Flat Panel Display [add $710 or $19/month]
Scroll to the bottom and click on Continue
Scroll to the bottom and click on Continue
Scroll to the bottom and click on Add to cart
Finish checking out. Shipping is free. Send in the $150 rebate (expires 7/21/04).

This is a good deal on a Dell.. I got this off of a site I visit that alerts us on special deals

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go to and check out what they have. You'll want something like 2.5 ghz Intel P4 or AMD equivalent. At least 512mb ram and a decent sized harddrive (60GB). I'm running a year + older dell 2ghz 512 ram and paid only $500, so you can get decent computers at a decent price. Oh yeah, they have pretty decent customer service even though they're in India or something.

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You'd cut that price in half if you built one yourself. There's a barebones kit on TigerDirect for $20 after rebates. A Black and sleek Mini ATX tower, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers. All you need to buy then is a Processor, Motherboard, Harddrive, RAM, and CDROM and you're in there. You wouldn't spend more than $500 total.

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If money is no object let me know and I'll build ya something for half the price of an alienware that's just as good :p

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I've always built my own computers, but Im a gamer and like to know that I have quality parts and software in my box.

Since you will just need a computer for basic things, you won't need anythign superpowered.

Quite often I see brand new machines listed for right around 500 clams. Don't pay more than that.

You'll want at least a 1.2G processor
512MB RAM (DDR prefered)
Windows XP Home
10/100 Network Card
Video Card with at least 32MB RAM, 64 would be better, but not required. Anymore than that is overkill for your situation. Nvida makes great cards.
30 - 50 GM hard drive to store your porn.
Make sure the Power supply is at least 350, 450 is prefered if your adding fancy sound and graphic cards.
Like I said, there are lots of systems that meet those specs that are in the sub 600 price range.

I built mine from scratch, think I paid around 1200 with all the upgrades over the years....

AMD Duron 1600
Gigabyte KV7VHP Motherboard w/ RAID protection and dual BIOS.
10/100 3COM NIC
70 GM harddrive
ATI 9800 Pro Graphics card - (want an x800 though...its so pretty.)
400 watt power supply
ATX Desktop Case.

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If your gonna be playing games on your computer a decent amount of the time. Try to stay away from AMD, and stick with Intel. AMD has been known to go out after a while if your in the game mode. If not, then you'll be safe.

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Blatent B.s about the Amd's croaking from game usage!!! :lame

If not after a dell with gobs of useless crap software you may or may not use.
check around your local Pc shops for there lsited coplete Pc package specials

If just after a New computer with no moniter it gets much cheaper!

smaller shops may add charges though like $500 for a P4 tower or AMD
But $100-150 to install windows check for that!
you can save there too if you can install yourself!

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I've worked with all kinds of computers for a few years and have built a few nice ones for myself. If you get a name brand, from what ive seen, stay away from Dell. Nice price right off but hard to upgrade especially if u get the skinny tower thing. Not to mention if u want it worked on, (if they cover it) you have to ship it off, and even my grandma said she wont buy another dell.

Right now im using a:

P4 3.0Ghz with HT
512Mb Dual Channel DDR PC3200
Intel motherboard (came with cpu)
nVidia Ti500 (awesome but need to upgrade for Doom III!!)
100Gb HD Western Digital
Lite-on CD-RW
Verbatim DVD+RW etc..

I'm gettin ready to build an AMD64 3200+ system since i can get the processor and a nice ASUS motherboard for $180 from work.

I would suggest (if buying name brand) either an HP, or a NEW compaq (which is made by HP now). I sell them allday long and see hardly any problems out of them.

I would suggest building your own. You can save some money and it will run ALOT better without all the "factory" junk they put on there.

INTEL or AMD? It really depends on how much you want to spend. Intel is goin to be more expensive but IMO they are both good chips. They both have HyperThreading/HyperTransport etc...

Motherboard - ASUS, Abit
Hard Drive - Maxtor, Western Digital
RAM - Kingston, Crucial
CD/DVD - Lite-on are the best and cheapest drives. $30 for a new 52x burner etc.

I'd suggest first off. - was which is where i bought all my stuff the first comp i built, ran by Google

THere are TONS of good discount sites but i cant think of any others right now.
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