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Need advice on bike choice?!

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What do you guys think would be a good motorcycle for a Courier business?

It will be ridden year round in a city environment.
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Scooters are way cheaper than cars if all he is couriering is satchel-sized stuff. There is a pizza place near me that uses a Smart Car for delivery but even that is like 45 MPG (besides being $12k+ to buy), and if he needs 6 of them that adds up fast.
I'd go for something like this:

2009 Yamaha Majesty Specifications, specs, spec

Honda doesn't have a mid-size scooter, their lineup goes from 153cc to 582cc ones. The Yamaha is 400cc. If you are doing all urban stuff you could get a smaller scooter, obviously not taking it on the highway though.
I'm not sure why my link didn't work the first time; I replaced it just now. I tried looking up some Aprilia info but can't find prices anywhere for some reason.
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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