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Need advice on bike choice?!

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What do you guys think would be a good motorcycle for a Courier business?

It will be ridden year round in a city environment.
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What they said sports bike's eat expensive tyres and chains if you a couriering you need to keep the running costs down so you make more money. Dpending on where you are I would even suggest a 500 is too big and something down around 250 will do. Although if you are doing freeway work b***** is better.
I'd go for something like this:

Honda doesn't have a mid-size scooter, their lineup goes from 153cc to 582cc ones. The Yamaha is 400cc. If you are doing all urban stuff you could get a smaller scooter, obviously not taking it on the highway though.
A half reasonable (ie not the cheap chinese crap) 125 4 stroke scoot will top out at around 70mph (probally just over) with a full size adult ie me. So whilst it would be a bit of a stretch doing hwy work all the time it could do it occasinally.

Full size touring bikes will cost full size tyres and insurance and things like the VFR's then engine might last but the electrics will barely make it out of warrentee and honda been honda parts are :eek: . If you are walking in and wanting to buy six or seven someone should be able to cut you a deal. Piaggio and making a pretty big push in the states ATM too they have Aprilia and Vespa under thier umbrella both screw together a pretty good machine Vespa been the grand master of them. If he's running a biusness there will be insurance and health benifts consequences and they would probally look at scooters more favorably than 130+mph sports tourers.
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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