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I'm on my way back to Florida, drove out to San Francisco for a couple weeks.. bike on a trailer, hauling it behind my (very tough) corolla.. so far, everything has been great.

I am looking for a place to crash (my head) on Monday night (july 17) in or around Dallas, TX.. then i continue on to Louisiana.

Tuesday night i need a bed/sofa/floor somewhere around Baton Rouge or New Orleans

and Wednesday, somewhere in Northern Florida, Tallahassee or so.
and i finally get home on Thursday, unload my Yamaha FZ6 and wonder why the ^%&! i came back to Florida for the rainiest, stormiest month of the year..

If anyone can help, please let me know- even if you can suggest a campsite near anyone of those places where i can pitch my ridiculously small tent.
thank you!

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