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Well im thinkin of buying this 1998 suzuki bandit and it has a rusted chain that needs to be replaced, where can i get one, yes i did my research but im not sure what im looking for any help would be appreciated thx

also is it possible to do on my own?

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yeah, they are easy to replace. Worth buying a chain break and riviting tool.... if you plan on riding for a while, that is.

And your service manual will have specific instructions on how to properly tension/ adjust your chain. That's a little different from bike to bike. But putting on a chain is always pretty easy. And taking it off.... well, there's the right way, and the FUN way. :)

(i.e. hacksaw, axe, oxyacetaline torch.... or the boring chain break)

Oh yeah, go to any dealer and ask... or do a search, there was a thread about good chains a while back. Almost any sportbike website sells them, ronayers, kneedraggers, motorcycle-superstore, etc....
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