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Need a new bike...

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Any one who lives near south georgia or north Fl have a or know of a bike for sale...

Im really looking for anytype of sportbike 600 or 1000. $3500 or under.

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Why do people do this. They crash their first bike and say " I need a new bike and I dont give a shit what it is or what size it is as long as it goes over 150mph!" Theres a big difference between 600's and 1000's and all the other choices you actually ahve but probably dont want to hear. Do some research and narrow your choices down to a few bikes before you just ask people to list every bike imaginable.

actuqlly I'm looking for my fourth bike. I started on a 01 rebel 250. then bought a 98 yamaha xj secca II 600. Then i bought a 05 cbr f4i. im looking for another 600. most of them are inline 4s, the only v twin option i have is a sv 650. i'd rather have a kawasaki or another cbr. but suzukis have kinda grown on me and same with the yamahas. I'm not just looking for any type of bike. Im looking for something that i might enjoy but can also afford, being that I'm only 18 and have no credit. Also because of my age i don't want a 1000, just yet. I insure my own bikes and just my f4i was a bitch each month.

now does that solve anything. you really shouldnt jump to conclusions...
fuck the firm me and bigdkaw figured out everybody was right about that situation so we pulled out of the firm.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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