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Need A Lawyer for anything motorcycle related???

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This guy is highly recommended by countless riders who have had serious traffic offenses dismissed, or at the least dropped to parking tickets. Las Vegas Local, Craig P. Kenny.

Traffic Ticket Representation!
Craig P. Kenny & Associates, practicing primarily in the areas of Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation, Medical Negligence, Bankruptcy, Family Law, Criminal Defense & Social Security, is proud to announce that they will represent anyone free of charge, with NO OBLIGATION of any kind, for most of their traffic tickets.
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Craig P Kenny just got my wife out of points. She was charged with 85 in a 65mph zone. Result = 130 dollar fine, and no points. She was convicted of illegal parking. Gotta love Vegas. :)
And yes, his services were FREE. No catch.
I had a ticket for 65 in a 55 with no proof of insurance. CPK got it knocked down to a parking ticket with 0 points and a $70 dollar fine. All at no cost to me. Yippee!
Improper lane change,and speeding 80 in a 55 both dropped to $120 fine, improper parking.....he he he he.
now my question is , how do the guy make money if he doesn't charge for his services ?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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