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First, I've been on this forum learning what I can almost daily [thanks guys!] since I've had my 'M' license, a little over 2 years. I've yet to own my own bike, but rode my friend's gixxer600 off and on the past year while he was at war, taking it very easy, full gear, etc., and rode motocross off and on after I retired from BMX.

I unfortunately sold my Nissan 300zxTT 2 months for a few reasons, and need some wheels worse than I thought while at college, so it's time to buy a bike finally. My cousin used to race for honda and has taught me some, so I'm not scared to work/maint. my own bike. I've got it narrowed down to-
YZF600, the slower gen., I think sub 97
ZX6e, 94-99
TT600, 2000-01
If I didn't have to make trips on the highway a lot, I'd probably go ahead and buy a EX500, but I've ridden them next to semi's on highways at 80mph and I just feel more stable with a little more under me, hopefully you guys understand. In general, are the british bikes that bad reliability wise?, I figure it's not too much of an issue since they are new[er] and I do ALL maint. on my vehicles. I plan on spending 3500-4k cash on the bike, and another 800.00 cash on gear since before I used my friends. Any of you guys that know if one bike has significantly higher ins., less forgiving qualities, stronger tranny since they are aged, etc., I appreciate it!
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