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Name that Timeshare!

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i was talking to a friend of mine who was telling me that his former roommate (yeah, i know...Spaceballs) is trying to get investors for a time share type condo building somewhere...i'm not sure. anyway he's having a pretty easy time getting people to invest.

here's the kicker...

It's an all GAY time share!

i immediately asked what the name of the place was and he said, "i don't know"!!!

what!? there's like a million jokes there! so many a computer couldn't come up with them all.

So, i think we should help him name his gay timeshare...i'll go first...

The Frolic Fancy Free Flophouse
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wct097 said:
Timeshares are a bad investment....
I think thats the least of his worries :lol
hmm, i don't think you guys understand. i don't know this guy or his business or whatever, i just thought it was comical that there was going to be a gay community timeshare building and it could have a funny name :doh.

here's another one:

Hairy Larry's Limp Wristed Labido
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