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Ok let me start by saying I have had a little to drink so if the spelling is off don't mind! First I have to vent or I'm going to snap and chock the shit out of someone at my work. This is the deal, the guys I work with are total shit heads, they have some much penis envy it is not funny. Let me inlighten you. I am a military police investigator, but before that I was in Iraq as a military police enemy prisioner of war gaurd and military police sniper. I worked with the PM Cell of the third military police Bn and with 515th SF CO of the 5th SF group. Sence I've been back the ppl I have worked with are total assholes. I have been told to do things like "Demand respect from my lower enlisted soldiers" because ppl don't like my leadership style. I feel that if I get the job done then so be it! But NO I don't have a SPC call me SGT so that makes me a bad leader. I've been in the army for seven years come the 21st of July and I have never been so pissed off at the ppl that I work with in my entire military career. I feel that I need to either one, choke the shit out of someone, or two drink some more beer, or three kick someone's teeth done thier neck. This pisses me off some much because I want to stay in the army. The Army is my life, but the ppl I work with are tryen to fu(k me over. Boostnsrt knows what I'm talken about, he works in the same place as I do. Ppl can say this thread is lame but unless you are in the army and know what I'm talken about, give me a brake and ask someone that has served. I know that this shit goes on in every job but what if your job was going to combat with someone you didn't trust.
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