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i may be way off with my assessment of the problem, but it sounds like to me you are trying to be more of a 'buddy' to your subordinates then their boss.

i supervised a large group of skilled trade employees for a little while, and as much as i wanted to be friends with all of them, at times i still had to make them do things they didn't want to. utimately you can be nice, and compassionate, but you cannot be their friends. you are not on their 'side'--you are 'the man' to them. i imagine to an outsider, these people not calling you sargent is a disrespect to your position. i imagine that your superiors want them to call you that because it brings to attention the fact that you are in charge in kinda a unspoken sort of way.

if i'm off in my assessment then disregard what i've typed. i don't know anything about the military, but i imagine, just like everywhere, you have to deal with higher ups that are a pain in the ass and demand things that you see as unnecessary.

a quote from where i work..."you want to make someone look like an idiot? then do EXACTLY what they've asked you to do." meaning--no one knows what you do better than you, and anyone telling you exactly how to handle your situations is probably going to be way off.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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