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My work sucks, tell me what you think!

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Ok let me start by saying I have had a little to drink so if the spelling is off don't mind! First I have to vent or I'm going to snap and chock the shit out of someone at my work. This is the deal, the guys I work with are total shit heads, they have some much penis envy it is not funny. Let me inlighten you. I am a military police investigator, but before that I was in Iraq as a military police enemy prisioner of war gaurd and military police sniper. I worked with the PM Cell of the third military police Bn and with 515th SF CO of the 5th SF group. Sence I've been back the ppl I have worked with are total assholes. I have been told to do things like "Demand respect from my lower enlisted soldiers" because ppl don't like my leadership style. I feel that if I get the job done then so be it! But NO I don't have a SPC call me SGT so that makes me a bad leader. I've been in the army for seven years come the 21st of July and I have never been so pissed off at the ppl that I work with in my entire military career. I feel that I need to either one, choke the shit out of someone, or two drink some more beer, or three kick someone's teeth done thier neck. This pisses me off some much because I want to stay in the army. The Army is my life, but the ppl I work with are tryen to fu(k me over. Boostnsrt knows what I'm talken about, he works in the same place as I do. Ppl can say this thread is lame but unless you are in the army and know what I'm talken about, give me a brake and ask someone that has served. I know that this shit goes on in every job but what if your job was going to combat with someone you didn't trust.
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First off, I'm totally "on the outside" as far as the military goes so probably don't have a clear picture. I think any job has its good and bad points. Takes the right kind of person to be career military. I couldn't do it. You may be stressed from Iraq and reacting to your current situation badly. One problem I imagine with the military is that it's harder to get control over your own situation. Decision points just don't seem like they would come around often enough, but then I may be ignorant. Is there someone "on the inside" that you can safely talk to?

If all else fails, try less beer and more bike?
If I am not mistaken sounds like a buncha REMF's to me.
Just because they recommend you trying something else doesn't mean you have to do it. It's your job not theirs.
i may be way off with my assessment of the problem, but it sounds like to me you are trying to be more of a 'buddy' to your subordinates then their boss.

i supervised a large group of skilled trade employees for a little while, and as much as i wanted to be friends with all of them, at times i still had to make them do things they didn't want to. utimately you can be nice, and compassionate, but you cannot be their friends. you are not on their 'side'--you are 'the man' to them. i imagine to an outsider, these people not calling you sargent is a disrespect to your position. i imagine that your superiors want them to call you that because it brings to attention the fact that you are in charge in kinda a unspoken sort of way.

if i'm off in my assessment then disregard what i've typed. i don't know anything about the military, but i imagine, just like everywhere, you have to deal with higher ups that are a pain in the ass and demand things that you see as unnecessary.

a quote from where i work..."you want to make someone look like an idiot? then do EXACTLY what they've asked you to do." meaning--no one knows what you do better than you, and anyone telling you exactly how to handle your situations is probably going to be way off.
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Well, here's my perspective:

First of all I'm in the Air Force (E-5, SSgt, 6+years). I'm a direct reporting official of 7 and in charge of 15 people on my shift.

In my office we have a rule that even though we're in the military, as long as there are no "outsiders" present, we call each other by first names. On the ouside I still call my subordinates by first name and they call me by rank and last name. I seriously believe that having such bonding at work brings/builds a better teamwork in the end. As long as you treat the people you work with with respect, they wil respect you back. If I walk up to somebody and tell them: "Hey (insert first name), could you do me a favor and take out the trash (or any other crappy job), whenever you get a free minute", they will be more willing to do it than if I told them: "Airman Dirtbag, you're on the shit detail today and you have to take of this trash. You have to do it right now".

Subordinates like to know that you're not a machine and that you're just the same person as they are, you just have a couple more stripes on your sleeve (collar in your case).

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Sure, a couple of times people questioned my methods, but every time I pointed out the progress of my team vs. other teams. Who was on top of their game? Mine was :) So I don't get bothered anymore.

BTW, I work in a multi-service envoronment and my subordinates are from all 4 branches. At first they were surprised with my methods (especially Soldiers and Marines, as I would never even dream of dropping them :) ), but now they don't want to leave, as they are part of a work-together-as-a-team "family".
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Is it possible to find a different MOS? Are there any out there for you? Perhaps just a change of scenery is what you need without stepping on toes or looking like you're "quitting" your current MOS. Just a thought.
Course 3 said:
Is it possible to find a different MOS? Are there any out there for you? Perhaps just a change of scenery is what you need without stepping on toes or looking like you're "quitting" your current MOS. Just a thought.
switch to the Air Force. It's much less stressfull
I'm not military so this is just an "outside" take on the mater.

You are the new guy on the block, and you're not doing things the way they do things there. Maybe you could apply for a transfer. Or maybe they can see stuff that's being hiden from you. Either way, when in Rome do as the Romans. You can explain it as a chain of command thing if you think their way alienates your subordinates.
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