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my room mate wants a bike

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she isnt confident that she can handle a sport bike, shes keeps leaning towards scooters... she loves riding with me and our other friends back home, do any of you ride in the DFW area? we live in denton and i think if she was to meet a woman who rides it would help her a lot.
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I think Rebelde is that area, but not sure.

There are other bikes besides sport bikes and scooters. Maybe she'd be happier on a standard or a cruiser.

Have her go take the MSF course. That will either give her the confidence she needs to ride some kind of bike, or else show her that riding is not for her. And if she still wants to ride a scooter, well then more power to her! :)
Well, I was not suggesting that she should start on a bike that is inappropriate for a new rider. It just doesn't have to be a scooter. :lol
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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