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So i pick up my new SO on tuesday and i have a few ?s
i need to install some flushmount signals and was wondering if you guys could post some pics of the work you have on yours and any suggestions on how you did yours.
mine should be fairly easy they are removed already and the wiring is all still there i just need to plug them in and install the flushes.
what company did you use (locharts etc.)
any tips?
problems with fitting and size?
i also need to install signals on the back he was using his arms to signal but i want people to have a very clear picture of my intentions to switch lanes etc.
i do not however want any thing big and gaudy like the stockers on there some bright LEDs or small flushes would be great again any help with this and pics would be great.
i have alot to choose from as i work in a motorcycle shop and everyone there is old and grumpy and leave there bikes pretty much stock so they couldnt make any suggestions.

is it fairly easy to integrate the signals and the brake lights on the 99 r6 along with having aditional signals on there.

any one done the licence plate leds as signals what was your exp...
and with out further ado here she is the new love of my life my new woman!

at the track
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I use lockhart philips short stalk 3 they were only 15 bucks off ebay
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