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My new 1000RR project....NOT 56K Safe

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Well, I just picked this up this afternoon.
The plan is to build an all black bike, but still not sure about mods or aftermarket parts.
Let me know what you guys think.

Sorry about the high res pix......

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Looks like a fun project.

Do you know the story of what happened?
I bought it from a dealer and it's got a clean title. He said he picked it up from an auction..... from there on out, who knows.
The clean title is nice, but I figure I've got at least $1500 to put into it before it's back on the road the way I want it.
looks like it should be fun, just wish I had time to do that
Of course I'm looking for uhmm, anybody with a good deal on scratched (not cracked) plastics, subframe, swingarm, etc let me know. Some parts aren't necessary, but I'm anal so I'll replace them.
looks like a fun project is it gonna be for the street or are you gonna make it a track bike..
It's planned for the street. Not to say it won't be taken to the track though..
I had a buddy do the same thing to a 929. He didn't replace the plastics and installed a streetfighter headlight and speedo. It was a wheelie monster, have fun.
Thats going to be a fun hooligan bike:D
How much did you pay for it?
have fun w/the new project.
I'd do stuff like that if I had the space and resources... Off topic, does your 2003 F4i have a digital speedo? Just curious cause I wanna buy one.
I vote for streetfighter too! Get some bar end mirrors and attach aftermarket turn signals to your head lamp brackets.

Going naked could pose some problems for your fuel injection mapping though. Without the ram air tubes your bike will run like crap until you get it sorted at a dyno.
Spike said:
I'd do stuff like that if I had the space and resources... Off topic, does your 2003 F4i have a digital speedo? Just curious cause I wanna buy one.
The F4i is gone now, but yes. It did have a digital speedo.
The streetfighter idea has crossed my mind. And I did see some pix somewhere of a VERY nice 1000RR someone had turned into a street fighter..............but I think I'm going to stick to the original style with this one
nice looking project bike... I would love to pick something like that up and get to work on it bringing it back to life.... I think it would be quite a sense of accomplishment to build something like that and ride it around..
pwang said:
BTW, how much did you pay for it?
I paid around $4500. Not bad considering it's got a clean title. :cheers
Good deal. I'd buy them all day for that! There's tons of plastic on ebay! Just shop around and you'll find some deals. I am piecing together another set of plastics for my 05 to put custom paint on and have been lucky so far. Also go to good stuff there too. Also has the best prices on new stuff. I bought right side plastics, front fender, front fairing, headlight assembly, right mirror, right peg, rear axle, and right bar end all painted and decaled in sealed factory honda boxes, shipped to my door for $1370.60 (minor tip over in driveway) Later Bro!
1 - 20 of 168 Posts
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