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I posted this over on the SV rider forum and I thought this would be a great place for it also. My neighbor is such a great guy and his family is the best - I sure do want to get every ball rolling possible that may help them.

My neighbors house went up in flames at aprox 1am today. The house belongs to Fred Brown who lived there with his wife Margarita, sons Holden and Max , and daughter Isabele. I saw the fire starting out of the back of Fred's house when I went out onto my back porch (I was tossing out a bug that had scared the heck out of my wife). I called 911 and handed the phone to my wife, grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran up to Fred's home. Fred and his family were just coming out onto the front lawn as I ran around to the front of the house. Everyone was fine, no injuries. Fred and I went and moved his Jeep away from the side of his burning home but were unable to move his pickup truck, the keys were still inside the house. After that we all backed away and watched the fire department go to work extinguishing the blaze. I have pictures here - MadVoodoo : photos : Fred's Fire

Fred is a welder with local 7. He also raises goats, chickens and grows organic produce also. He and his family are about the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. I can't count the number of times Fred has come over and offered to help me with things around my house. They lost pretty much everything in the fire. His insurance will be kicking in but in the meantime he needs things like diapers, gas to drive from the hotel the insurance put his family up in and back here - lots of restaurant food - all that.

I put up a donation site through paypal. I know nobody here knows Fred, or really me for that matter but anything will help out. Heck - a hundred people donating a buck would make a huge difference.

Thanks a bunch!

Local news story coverage - Ware house fire leaves 5 homeless |

and the donation site.....

Just click here

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